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Family Legacy Video

Posted on March 15, 2023 by The Drive

• Forty+ years as a scriptwriter, producer/director & editor

• Award-winning visual storyteller

• Accomplished video biographer & life story legacy video creator

That’s the nutshell description of Family Legacy Video’s Steve Pender. Steve begins his video career in New York City in 1978, joining a PR firm specializing in corporate video. Fast forward to 1998: After years of creating videos for a wide variety of corporate, business and not-for-profit clients, Steve focuses his talents on his own family history. He chronicles the life and times of his paternal grandmother in a moving personal documentary. The video becomes an instant family keepsake and Steve finds his true passion in life: video biography.

Every family has a storyteller. Maybe it’s your grandmother or grandfather, your mom or dad, your aunt or uncle. Don’t you love hearing them tell family stories? Shouldn’t future generations be able to enjoy these life stories too? Now they can – when you preserve your family history with a personal legacy video or a personal audio biography.

Don’t let YOUR family stories fade away.

Family Legacy Video® is a leading legacy video biography company. Our professional legacy video and audio services help families and family storytellers, including high-net-worth individuals and their families, pass along life stories, lessons learned, and family values from one generation to the next. To reserve your production time and immortalize your family's legacy through professional storytelling, just click The Button for more information.

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